Full Customer Support

  • Video Based Training built right into the program
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Access to our Client Support site which includes Manuals and VBT (Video Based Training)
  • Personnel Training Available
  • Upgrades and revisions done automatically
  • We offer complimentary support via email, phone, website and online remote support.

Employing the latest in Technology and Methodology

The GO DMS development team is comprised of talented programmers, sales associates, marketers, accountants, graphic designers and consultants. Developed and designed by Netex, one of North America’s leading software solution enterprises that has been providing superior solutions to businesses both small and large since 1999. By staying abreast of all of the automotive dealership trends and employing the latest in technology and methodology, we believe we have developed the last software program you will ever need to purchase to manage your dealership.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide Automotive Dealers with the most robust, current and cost-effective solution to better manage and perform the daily operations of their business while allowing them to use their vital resources to increase productivity and profitability.
Imagine your sales staff being able to efficiently sell a vehicle at their desk or out on the lot. Our tablet and mobile capability means that your sales staff will have all of the vital information they will need to structure an attractive and profitable sales quote anywhere, even standing beside the vehicle with your customer. Simply swipe a customer’s Drivers License, select a vehicle and start the negotiations! All of the vital information is at your fingertips and your customer is ready to be sent to the business office or start the F&I process in minutes. 90% of the paperwork is already completed by the software.