Go Dealership Management Software (GO DMS)

A full suite of features and functionalities.

  • Manage all of your key departments and functions from within the program
  • Track and control every aspect of the sales process from intake to delivery to service follow-up
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Outstanding CRM integration including the ability to transmit emails or texts for special sales or events
  • Fully automated email capabilities
  • Complete Mobile Application for any Tablet or Smartphone
  • Credit Applications and Financing & Insurance built in
  • Finance vs. Lease Analysis
  • Prepare accurate and customized reports for your Accounting Software
  • Cloud Based – No hardware or set up required – ever!
  • Always backed up, always secure
  • A full range of graphs and charts to easily highlight key data
  • Customer Lead Management.
  • All information is real-time and instantly updated with every transaction
  • Warranty, accessories and other value add ons can be incorporated right into the sales process.
  • Multiple Users and locations at no extra charge.


Go Dealership Management Software (GO DMS) is a comprehensive Dealership Management program that was designed and developed with numerous automotive and vehicle sales experts to provide the utmost in support to your sales, service and support staff. GO DMS was designed to allow for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat or any type of vehicle sales and follow up support. We’ve carefully analyzed, researched and produced a complete step-by-step interactive business solution geared towards simplifying and strengthening your day to day operations. Your success is our success – our greatest triumph is a satisfied customer.


GO DMS is a Cloud based software solution which means you never have to worry about being on-site to access information and manage your dealership, never have to download and install updates or revisions or worry about conflicts with your existing infrastructure. With full mobile capability, you can log on from any location at any time and access and control all of your vital sales and management data, on your schedule. Imagine having your sales staff access customer and vehicle information on their smartphone or tablet without having to be at their desk, freeing up valuable time for your customers. With our Mobile App, they can answer any customer questions and take the sales process all the way from an introduction to finalizing an invoice while giving your customer the valuable one on one time that they deserve.